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“Reflective, inspirational and motivational”
Teresa’s presentation was spellbinding and truly touched people across all age groups and generations. Truly Amazing! Teresa Irish, author of “A Thousand Letters Home” was the keynote speaker for our 350 plus audience in Emporia Kansas with ages ranging from young college students to 80 and beyond. This presentation engaged their interest, memories and emotions as few have ever done. Her vivid compelling story of one soldier and his family during and after World War II mirrors the experiences of so many men and women who served then and during subsequent military deployments. It is also the story of American values and sacrifices of families, wives, sweethearts and friends left at home. Skillfully woven into the story is a call to citizenship in today’s world. Reflective, inspirational and motivational, this presentation is for past and present generations and all will relate to and benefit from hearing it. A great keynote speaker and presentation.
D. Stueve, Flint Hills Senior Life Fair Committee, Emporia, Kansas

"Prepare to be awestruck"
Prepare to be awestruck if you host Michigan author Teresa K. Irish’s "A Thousand Letters Home" presentation. A select group of our clients were privileged to be able to experience the journey that Ms. Irish so eloquently takes you on. Although the setting (World War II) took place before her time, she makes you feel like you are walking right along with her as she uncovers the treasures found in her father’s war chest. I have never seen such a captivated audience – seat backs were definitely not needed that night! There were tears at times and laughter at others - all woven together by an exceptional storyteller. Her tribute to our country’s history and veterans, and call to citizenship, completed the night. This is truly an event not to miss and would be enjoyed by any age!
– T. D. Knickerbocker, BM/SVP, Investments, Managing Director, The Knickerbocker Group of Raymond James

“I could listen to her all day!”
“I could listen to her all day!”…was a comment heard by many after Teresa’s presentation of “A Thousand Letters Home.” She has the ability to weave history and present day effortlessly through her storytelling. When you laugh, cry and feel inspired all within the same presentation, you know it was worthwhile. Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your personal story, the letters and encouraging us to ask questions to our loved ones that have served!
–P. Perkins, PHR. Sr. Talent Recruiter, Herman Miller (Company-sponsored program to recognize and honor veterans) 

"Book her for your Event!"
We hosted author Teresa Irish, and, wow, if you haven't had the privilege of hearing her, please book her for your event! As many of you already know, she is the author of A Thousand Letters Home, a book based on the letters that her father wrote during World War II giving a real-time account of his experiences. Teresa is a gifted storyteller, and she had our entire audience captivated as she told the tale of Bud Irish and his letters home. We laughed a lot and we cried a little, and I think the whole audience left a little bit changed for the better. If you aren't won over by the story of the letters, then Teresa's warmth and sincerity will probably get you. I've been privileged to book many presentations over the years, and I can honestly say this one was my favorite!
- C. Saffert, MLIS, Assistant Reference Librarian, St. Clair County Library

"A Very Special Addition to our Event"

Teresa Irish's presentation on her book "A Thousand Letters Home" was a very special addition to the Annual Farm Women's Symposium. Her message is heartfelt and filled with moments of laughter as well as moments of tears. It is a message of family, faith and citizenship. It is a wonderful reminder of all the benefits we enjoy in this country because of the sacrifices the men and women who have served in the military have made for us. The women attending this symposium remarked that Teresa made this the best symposium they have attended. Written comments on the program included “awesome,” “excellent,” and “touching,” followed by plus signs and stars! Many plan on attending future events where Teresa will be speaking again.
– J. Schwab, Farm Women's Symposium, Program Chairperson

"Strongly recommended...a memorable and engaging experience"
Michigan author Teresa Irish’s A Thousand Letters Home is an inspirational, uplifting, spiritual work written against the backdrop of World War II. The devotion and warmth shown in these letters reflect a different time, and the character that went along with it. Her father would console himself during his absence from his loved ones by writing long, detailed letters that described his experiences and observations of life in wartime Europe, and his longing for home. For the capacity crowd at the Village Conference Center in Chelsea, MI, Teresa enchanted her audience of local veterans and their family members by bringing these letters to life. Her presentation paid tribute to her father, not only for being a soldier, but also as a man yearning just to return home to the United States and live in peace with his sweetheart. Teresa’s reminiscences down memory lane included songs from the era, which inspired the audience to sing along with her, and they did so with great joy in their hearts. In these letters, you see a brave front in perilous places, an experience shared by nearly every soldier in attendance, bringing tears to the eyes of many veterans and family members. A very touching story. Strongly recommended for any organization planning a memorable and engaging experience that will impact your community.

- B. Harmer, Director, Chelsea District Library, Chelsea, MI

"Engaging, charming, captivating and emotional"

Wow! Teresa’s presentation was engaging, charming, captivating and emotional for all who were present. She captured the heart and soul of the Veterans and their families as they related to her story about times that many Americans have forgotten or simply were too young to know. Teresa melded a wholesome love story entangled in the bleak times of war, with the lessons learned of a man who used his wisdom to grow and prosper with his devoted wife, and to raise a large family where love of God, Country, and family were number one. I hope our paths will cross once again as I know it will certainly be a pleasure.
– T. and J. Koenigsknecht, Carson City American Legion Post 380

"A Master Storyteller with a Powerful Message"
I wish to express a sincere "THANK YOU" for your engaging and inspiring presentation. Thank you for sharing your memories of your father and the extraordinary journey of his letters. Our students, faculty members, and community friends left your presentations with a deeper appreciation for the people who serve our country. Teresa, you are a master story teller with a powerful message to convey. Thank you for providing a unique daughter/editor perspective and an outstanding educational experience. It was a pleasure to welcome you and your husband to our campus. Please promise to return to us soon. 
- Professor E. Rybicka, Pageturners Book Club Coordinator, Schoolcraft College

“We look forward to the opportunity to host Teresa again and share her amazing talents”

Jackson District Library had the honor and privilege of hosting two presentations by Teresa Irish. Teresa captivated the Friends of the Library and guests at their Annual Dinner Meeting with her stories of family, love, war, patriotism, history and humor. So many of the attendees were able to relate to the experiences and left with the intention to capture their own stories and encourage people to attend her next presentation. The next day, Teresa presented to a diverse group of attendees at the main library, Once again, she enthralled her audience, eliciting responses of laughter, tears, and all emotions in between. There were numerous repeat attendees at this performance and many requests for Teresa to return so they could bring family and friends. Audience members lined up after both presentations to view the display as well as share a few words with Teresa. Her personality is so warm and welcoming that everyone felt a personal connection with her and left as a friend. We look forward to the opportunity to host Teresa again and share her amazing talents and stories with the Jackson community.

- I. Laxminarayan, Director, Jackson District Library

“Outstanding Speaker”
Teresa Irish is not only a gifted writer, but also an outstanding speaker. She shared her interactive program with the Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Ann Arbor, MI. She wowed our members with excerpts from A Thousand Letters Home, complete with background details and artfully arranged photographs. We were transfixed learning about her dad's story, his bravery and his tireless devotion to his family. Many of our members eagerly lined up to purchase a copy of her book, often multiple copies, not only for themselves, but for family members with loved ones who have served our country. I highly recommend that you contact Teresa and request that she come and to speak to your organization. She will inspire any group that believes in the power of family, faith and sacrifice for their country.
- K. Kirkpatrick, Regent, Sarah Caswell Angell Chapter, NSDAR

“Most inspirational program we have offered”
After twelve years of librarianship, I can say this is the most inspirational program we have offered. Our goal was simply to honor our veterans in a personal and heartfelt program and Teresa delivered that and so much more. Her engaging manner in delivering the poignant journey of her parents was a touching tribute to the power of love, hope and optimism in the face of heartrending challenges. Teresa, I cannot thank you enough for the service you provide in opening your heart and family history in your writing and with your audiences. A national treasure!

- M. Brussow, Head Librarian, Capital Area District Libraries - South Lansing Branch

Teresa Irish captivated over 100 people in attendance for Schoolcraft College’s Conversation and Coffee series. Teresa is a wonderful speaker who brought her father’s story to life before our eyes. Through storytelling, photos and even song, her poignant presentation took everyone back to a time of war. However, the end result was an uplifting appreciation for life and making the most of every day. I highly recommend Teresa Irish’s presentation, A Thousand Letters Home.
-M. Fuher, Programming Coordinator, Schoolcraft College Continuing Education & Professional Development

“Presentation was equal parts moving, funny, touching and informative”
Ms. Teresa K. Irish, author of A Thousand Letters Home, was the featured speaker of our library’s Veteran’s Celebration, a joint program sponsored by the Pinckney Community Public Library and the Putnam Township Senior Center. Ms. Irish’s presentation was so enjoyed by the over 100 attendees who came to celebrate the event that we still continue to hear rousing compliments from community members to this day. Her presentation was equal parts moving, funny, touching and informative at the same time. Historians, genealogists, students, senior citizens and veterans alike will find her a truly engaging speaker. Her presentation is not to be missed!
- H. Siasoco, Library Director, Pinckney Community Public Library

“Gripping and Entertaining”
I can't resist putting one more recommendation in the mix for author Teresa Irish. Her presentation, from the first word, was gripping and entertaining. By the end, we hadn't one dry eye in the house and many of our senior patrons were singing wartime radio ballads and folk favorites with her. I'm tempted to say that if you have a large senior population or a rabid base of WWII enthusiasts, this would be the program to feature. But truly, her program is universally appealing and our audience here at Shelby was rapt every minute.
- K. Ester, Director, Shelby Township Library 

“A Thousand Letters Home deserves a thousand cheers!”
BRAVO! Teresa Irish, author and speaker made an outstanding presentation to our Prime Time audience. Her heart felt tribute to her father drew us into the world of the young warrior soldier of WWII. A Thousand Letters Home deserves a thousand cheers!
- K. Arndt, Director, East Lansing Prime Time Senior Program 
“Truly Magical”
We hosted Teresa Irish's A Thousand Letters Home. Not only did we have a great turnout and Teresa's stories brought everyone (yes, everyone) to tears, our sponsor for the event, a local business, immediately offered to sponsor a repeat engagement for our high school kids. He feels strongly that Teresa's stories about opportunity (as opposed to entitlement) should be shared with our local kids. The night was truly magical.
- D. Olson, Howell Carnegie District Library

“Audience of over 100 was captivated”
Everyone who attended Teresa Irish's presentation of her book "A Thousand Letters Home" found her presentation to be passionate, emotional, and meaningful. The audience of over 100 was captivated by the heartwarming story of her father and her family. Her storytelling skills were inspiring as well as humorous and heart warming. We highly recommend this program for any age group.
- Bay City branch of The Association of University Women

Teresa had to be one our best speakers ever! What a story, plus emotion and such a wonderful storytelling skill. Thanks for such an amazing monthly meeting for the OLLI group!
- J. Brownlie, Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at SVSU

“Absolutely Recommend”
If you are looking for a fabulous program for your library, I absolutely recommend Michigan author Teresa Irish who wrote the book A Thousand Letters Home and presents The Journey of the Letters to libraries all over, especially Michigan. I can't say enough about her to convince you, but there is a little something for everyone. A love story, historical aspects, military, genealogy, family, humor and music. She had all of us laughing, crying, singing and reminiscing. Her program will keep you entertained the entire time with her stories and tons of photos from times past. Completely enjoyable.
- B. Meyers, Reference Department, Traverse Area District Library (Note: The Traverse Area District Library has since scheduled Teresa for a return engagement) 
“A True Professional”
Teresa draws her listeners in and carefully takes them on a journey through the compelling story of her Father, Bud Irish’s wartime experience. Using the letters as a springboard, she uses songs, photographs, and her own story to bring her book alive. Teresa is a true professional -- well organized, punctual, and working with her was a pleasure.
– J. Murray, Reference Librarian, Monroe County Library System

“Our audience was mesmerized by the presentation A Thousand Letters Home. Teresa Irish’s story telling skills filled the room with emotion as she brought the letters to life. The audience was singing, laughing and sharing many memories. The presentation ended much too soon!”
- S. Johnson, Senior and Adult Enrichment Coordinator, Northville Community Center, Senior Services

“Program drew one of our largest audiences ever”
I thoroughly enjoyed Teresa's "Journey of the Letters" program. Teresa has a special way of combining a sense of family, patriotism and history with nostalgia and humor. Her program is engaging and thought-provoking. Her program drew one of our largest audiences ever at the library and everyone enjoyed it. I recommend it highly.
- P. Braden, Library Director, Romulus Public Library

"Thoroughly Engaging”

“Teresa Irish presents the kind of program a busy librarian loves - totally organized (every detail has been considered and done) yet so thoroughly engaging that the audience feels like they have taken part in something quite special. Her book, A Thousand Letters Home: One WWII Soldier's Story of War, Love and Life, reminds everyone of the value of writing, reading and the preservation of family memories.
- D. J. Alward, Library Director, Houghton Lake Public Library 
"We’ll be bringing her back”

Teresa is an engaging, talented speaker who comes with props, music, and talk. The story behind the book really touched our audience. Several went home having purchased more than one copy of the book to keep and give as gifts. As a Michigan author writing about a Michigan soldier--a WWII soldier, of whom we have so few--the book and author deserve a wider audience. We'll be bringing her back this spring (a rare thing for us to repeat a program) but I encourage you to consider adding the book to your collection, as well as having Teresa to share her story even sooner.
- C. Marlow, Director, Cromaine Library 

Teresa Irish is one of the most riveting speakers I’ve heard in a long time. Her passion for her subject—war and family—is infectious!
- M. Wood, author of “When We Were the Kennedys: A Memoir from Mexico Maine”

“Back in Time to WWII”
Teresa Irish's presentation of "A Thousand Letters Home" took our group of veterans back in time to WWII and the life many of them experienced as members of the "Greatest Generation". Her reaction to finding and reading her father's letters and the retelling of her family's story through those letters were emotional experiences that she freely shares with her audience. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the presentation and sharing Teresa's experiences.
- J. C. Sosa, Secretary/Treasurer, MI Chapter 101st Airborne Division Association 

“Excellent Author Presentation”
Several libraries have commented on the excellence and audience appeal of Teresa Irish’s presentation, but she is so good I feel compelled to add my own two cents. Teresa is WONDERFUL! She's a natural storyteller and so articulate, she relates really well to the audience, she's so genuine and tells a great story of her amazing parents. She doesn't just tell the story of her father's letters, she sets the background of his life and includes other tidbits about this really amazing man. Lots of families probably have stacks of letters, but her father was an uncommonly good writer and just an exemplary individual. Teresa has so many life lessons to share and will appeal to a wide range of your patrons, from at least high school age to the elderly. Our audience of mostly older adults LOVED her, but I expect to partner with our high school to bring her back to town.
- C. Leddy, Director, Stair Public Library, Morenci, MI  

“Fantastic Experience!”
Having Teresa Irish speak at our library was a fantastic experience! She's an absolute delight, and we happened to have several WW2 vets in our audience that evening, which made it even more special. The vets sang with her on part two of the video on our YouTube Channel - it was just beautiful. I highly recommend Teresa Irish, and A Thousand Letters Home is a wonderful book -- that Aarol Irish was an amazing man is very evident in his letters. I give this book and program my hearty endorsement!
- M. Converse, Special Collections, Alpena County Library 

Teresa K. Irish’s presentation of her father’s letters home from war is remarkable. While veterans and fans of military history will thoroughly enjoy this program, the target audience is much broader. If you enjoy storytelling that celebrates the struggles and triumphs of life, this talk is for you. Inspiring and engaging for any generation; this program comes highly recommended.
- J. Hassell, Adult Services Librarian, Farmington Community Library 

“Heartily Recommend”
I received rave reviews about Teresa Irish’s presentation of “The Journey of the Letters” at my Veterans Day Program for the Grosse Pointe University Women. Irish’s display – not to mention her demeanor in personalizing the presentation so audience members could relate to her experience or that of her father – were second to none. Her good humor, pathos and generosity of empathy were outstanding. Audience members always wanted to know “what happened next….?” I heartily recommend Irish’s program for audiences of men and/or women; older children would enjoy it as well!
- M. Miller, Vice-President for Programs, American Association of University Women 
“One of my Favorite Presentations”
I highly recommend this presentation. It was one of my favorite presentations that we have had at our library. Very moving. Teresa is a great speaker. It comes from the heart.
- C. Cottone, Genealogist, Lyon Township Public Library

“Your presentation was the best they have ever heard”
Teresa, Thank you so much for coming to Clark Retirement Community and presenting your father’s story to our guests. It was such a moving story and every single person I spoke with said your presentation was the best they have ever heard. Thanks also for allowing us to meet your wonderful mother--that was an extra bonus.
– T. Moran, Clark Retirement Community, Grand Rapids, MI

“Residents are still talking about it”
Thank You, Teresa for coming out to Independence Village of Waterstone! The Residents are still talking about it and sharing stories! We'll talk in the new year about bringing you back again--Please!?
- L. Ashley, Activities Director

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