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My Dear Teresa, Your presentation last night was both gripping and heartening. Thank you. Your passion, perspective, and profound articulation of the story will be impossible to forget. You accorded honor not only to your obviously dear and wise father, but to all of us who served and bled for freedom and a wholesome life for our country and culture. I shall remember you gratefully. Warmly, – Jay H. E., Chaplain (Colonel) United States Army, Retired

Teresa, What a POWERFUL message you have to present. I wish you could give that presentation to EVERY high school senior history class. I truly believe we have to learn from our history which you so brilliantly presented yesterday. My father was a WWII veteran and my husband is a Vietnam Veteran. God, patriotism, and family are so important to me. THANK YOU for reiterating these special values. Please keep spreading your love to all you touch.
Sincerely, – Jean S. (also a Michigan State Alum!)

Teresa – where do I begin? Your presentation last night touched my heart and soul on so many levels. The world is a better place because of people like you who not only have the desire to help others, but also have the talents and skills to make things happen. For this I thank you. The anti-war, flower power young adult I was in the 60s is now a wiser adult who appreciates every day the sacrifices that were made and continue to be made, to keep us free. I look forward to reading your book. I know already that I will be enriched by your father and the legacy he has left behind. Warmest Regards, – Linda Z.

First off, I want to thank you for such a wonderful presentation. You obviously share your father's gift of eloquence, as shown in his many letters, and I was very impressed with all that you had to say…Your journey of the letters really spoke to me, as I've embarked on a similar quest and am thrilled to see all the success that has come from your efforts. You truly are a trailblazer in this field. I look forward to hearing more news of the book's success and your future endeavors…. Hopefully I'll be able to see another presentation in the future if you're in the area! Thank you again for a great evening. – Chris B.

Teresa, You may not remember me, but I was at your presentation. I have finished your book, and the first part of your dad’s letters was a reflection of my own experience. I too entered the army at Thanksgiving time in Ft Custer, MI, and from there a loooong train ride to El Paso, TX, where I was in basic training & radar school. Your dad’s letters reflecting his war times were very educational - it was almost as though I was there! The love your parents shared was similar to my own, except that I married my high school sweetheart on my first furlough and we had 40 wonderful years until she died suddenly. Thanks for the book and your visit here. You are a blessing to me, and yes, there is a heaven –I will see you there on day......Your visit here has been the highlight. Thanks. – Harold E.

Teresa, Thank you, your mother, and entire family for sharing this wonderful insight of a couple in love during such a destructive time in our history. Your parents’ commitment to each other is absolutely amazing. The amount of detailed history offered in these letters, from simple daily activities to political feelings of the day, help drive the story. I fly WWII aircraft for Memorial Day and other honorary events. I’ve always donated my time and fuel to do so for those who gave so much to give us this life we have. I will now keep Bud Irish with me in each flight on Memorial Day. What a wonderful memory you have created for the family and us all. – Ron S.

Thank you, Teresa, for a wonderful presentation. I love your book, and the story you shared makes it so much more personal and touching. I know your dad is so proud of you! Wishing you all the best as you continue to carry the journey of the letters to more and more people. It is a story so rich with love, faith, courage and a passion to do the right thing, and you are most definitely doing the right thing! – Mary A.

I don't think there's any way I can thank you enough for the program! We had so many comments and congratulations after the event. Many said they could have listened much longer to your message, and I know it touched many people. People will be talking about it for quite some time, that's for sure. Some folks I've talked to have been sorry they weren’t there. Best wishes in your travels. – Lynne F.

Dear Teresa, I want you to know how much I enjoyed your presentation. It was one of the best presentations I have been to since I have been in the (lifelong learning) program. To me it was practically spell-binding. It was an inspiration and a reminder to do more living and loving. I'm the guy that was buying a book and you got up from your chair and gave me a hug and thanked me for my service in the Army and to my country. No one has ever said that to me before. I will forever remember that and am honored that you did that for me. I'm glad we were on your speaking tour. I wish you the very best of everything as you travel with this book and the inspirations your dad left for you to share wherever you go. May God bless as you tell this inspirational, life-changing story. Best Regards, – Bob B.

Dear Teresa, Where to start....I wish to tell you how very much I appreciated, and was so moved by your lecture last night. Your message, giving voice to your father’s letters, was delivered with an incredibly beautiful balance of head and heart, a real treat. As you walked the audience through your family's story, it was so very clear that you were the one to "pass the baton" so carefully, so successfully to the next generation. Truly Well Done! Bravo to you and your most wonderfully brave father. I could go on and on. Please just know that your words will not be soon forgotten. So very inspirational at the exact right time and for the right reasons. Sincere appreciation, – Randy L.

Thank you again for sharing your fathers amazing stories as well as your own. It was a wonderful evening with my daughter learning great things! We both cannot wait to read the book IMMEDIATELY!! Godspeed and bless you for your wonderful calling!! And thank your hubby for us too... for his service AND sharing you with us! Forever a fan! – Fredia H.

That was an incredible presentation, of a more incredible story. I wish I could go back and grab the rest of my department and have you do it all over again so more people could appreciate it. I will tell you that of the three books I bought, the one for my daughter is particularly special. She lived some of her earliest years with me as a deployed Marine, and she is the primary reason I did not make it beyond 10 years. Missing her birthdays was not good for me or her. Thank you again. If you ever need any recommendations, send them my way. – Rob

Dear Teresa, I was at your presentation last night and was very touched by your father's story. I wonder if your dad knew what a gift he was leaving for you to share with the world. I’m sending the picture I took of you and my nearly 92-year old father who served as a Navy pilot in the Pacific theater in WWII. He also was very moved by your presentation. Thank you for sharing this story.
– Mary O. S.

Hi Teresa, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful program you put on for us. My husband and I were the "crying couple." : ) You brought back so many memories of both of our dads. They are such treasures. We both have wonderful memories and great love for our fathers and we appreciate you bringing those memories to the fore-front of our busy lives. You were obviously meant to find your dad's letters. You are a wonderful writer and speaker. Thanks again! - Sue and Bill

Thank You! for your heart felt presentation. You did an amazing job! Keep up the good work...When something comes from the heart as your story does, it is truly powerful and we soon realize life is much more important than just ones-self. Thanks again. – Tom L.

I just wanted to thank you for your presentation. I am the director of an Independent Senior Housing development and thought this may be something our residents would be interested in. There was a group of us and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! One gentleman that you met after the presentation, “Hank,” with tear-filled eyes told us on the way home about his experiences in WWII. Young and old should hear your story. You touched all our hearts today! God’s blessings. – Jill K.

Hi Teresa, I attended your presentation yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a wonderful tribute to your father, mother and family. Thank you for remembering all of the men and women who have served and especially the Vietnam Veterans. Your "Welcome Home" means a lot to us. Thank you for the book and what you are doing for all of us. Sincerely, – Jim A.

Thanks for your inspiring presentation. You are a great story teller! Thanks for making your dad's story your MISSION! – Linda M.

Spent the morning at an AAUW Veterans Day program. Teresa K. Irish, author of A Thousand Letters Home, One WWII Soldier's Story of War, Love and Life was the inspiring, captivating speaker. Check out her page and her book. If you need a speaker with a message about bringing citizenship back to community told through a love story, a faith story, and a history of soldiers, get ahold of Teresa. – Suzy M.

Teresa, thank you very much for sharing your father's letters with us, I'm excited to begin reading the book. Your spirit and love of life your parents gave you is inspirational and my wish is for you to continue to share it with others!
– Best Wishes, Dawn G.

Hi Teresa, I was at your program last night and am part of the friends group that is sponsoring your return next October. I was the one who cried so much that you said I needed more Kleenex! I told so many friends about your program. Hopefully they will be able to attend the next one. My book club read your book. We all enjoyed it and had a good discussion. – Phyllis K.

Teresa I just want to thank you for coming to our community last night. You certainly had a wonderful set of parents. You must be very proud of them. I also want to thank you for honoring the Vietnam Vets, of which I am one, and expressing the group's gratitude for their service to our country. I admit to having to use one of your tissues when you had us stand up because no one had ever said “thank you” to me before. I am very grateful that you singled us out. Thank you again and best of luck with your book. – Jim L.

I enjoyed your presentation to our Rotary Club on Veterans Day. I had tears in my eyes like many in the audience when you told the story about your father and certainly when you sang that beautiful song at the end of the program. On behalf of our entire Rotary Club I wish to sincerely thank you for honoring us with your presence, both physically and spiritually. – Ron G.

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