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Five-and-a-half years after finding her father’s 1,000 WWII letters and 250 corresponding photographs, Teresa Irish brought A Thousand Letters Home to print. The book was named Reviewer’s Choice by Midwest Book Review Small Press Bookwatch, and was recognized by Writer’s Digest Self Published Book Awards. In addition to selecting ATLH for their Recommended Reading List, The Military Writers Society of America called it “a fascinating book…a treasure trove,” and concluded “highly recommend.”

A unique, engaging and most memorable program!
In her accompanying presentation of “The Journey of the Letters,” Teresa takes audiences on a captivating, life-affirming journey. Her skillful, engaging storytelling blends humor and history to leave audiences laughing, crying, enriched and inspired. A heartfelt tribute to America’s history, freedoms, and family values, as well as a call to citizenship in today’s world, Irish’s program reaches across generations and reminds us of the importance of human connections. With over 300 prior venues and numerous enthusiastic reviews, this is a program you won’t want to miss! 

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